GTX 970M SLI: A Powerhouse on Your Lap
New 900M series in Maxwell architecture brings a breakthrough in performance and improved power efficiency, creating more possibilities for gaming on the road. Powered by a pair of GTX 970M graphics chips, X7 Pro scores over P14000* in 3DMark 11, a pure phenomenal performance beyond GTX 980M. X7 Pro has been forged and fine-tuned to run all available game titles at high settings with ease. Experience desktop-level performance ultraportable form factor.
* Tested in Stretched Mode
Haswell Platform: Power Meets Efficiency

Intel® 4th gen Core™ i7-4870HQ processor brings cutting-edge performance and improved power consumption. Upgraded battery life creates more convenience as well as fun when you are gaming on-the-go.

Blazing-fast Access with AORUS RAID Xpress

Designed for gaming enthusiasts, AORUS RAID Xpress brings the ultimate performance users have been dreaming for with 3 mSATA SSDs in RAID 0. Experience unparalleled read speed up to 1500MB/s. Maximum speed is 12.5X faster than typical hard drive and 3X than mSATA SSD. Latency-free transmission on the go with AORUS X7 Pro gaming laptop.

*Storage capacity may differ by country and region. Please contact your local dealers or retailers for the latest product information.
Massive Capacity up to 3.5TB

Combining speed and capacity has never been easy. But X7 Pro has incorporated both as standards. Its unique quad-storage houses three 512 GB mSATA SSDs* for minimal response time plus one 2TB hard drive for huge collection of games and data. Taking all your stuff around or system backup without access to cloud storage would never be a problem.

*Product specifications and availability may vary by country and region. We recommend you to check with your local dealers for the latest product information.

3.5TB = 744 DVD discs of movies

*Statistics is based on the typical DVD disc capacity. The number varies under different user scenarios.

Massive Memory: 4 slots for 32 GB Peak Access

Running simultaneous applications, multiple processing, databases or spreadsheets holds you back? Fill up the 4 slots on your X7 Pro with 32GB DDR3L memory. The unrealistic performance will lead you all the way to pure gaming dominance.

*Product specifications and availability may vary by country and region. We recommend you to check with your local dealers for the latest product information.
Thermal+ Technology: Constant Stability
Cooling is crucial to all instruments, especially a gaming laptop this thin. AORUS exclusive Thermal+ technology substantially increases air intake and exhaust. Its superior mechanical design incorporates 6 thermal pipes, 4 vents and 2 fans, which optimizes air flow efficiency for excellent reliability & stability. Thermal parts are arranged to the rear for maximum coolness to your wrists.
Full Aluminum Chassis with Iconic Design

The signature theme of the stunning chassis emphasizes a style that blends minimalism and fluidic sculpture. The aerodynamic streamlines connect expanded vents, giving the ultimate gaming flagship a breath of speed. The flowing sculpted lines and quality matte black are scented with understated luxury without losing its original aggression.

Superthin & Lightweight: a Gaming Milestone

The power beyond imagination is accompanied by its subtle yet elegant frame and design. Squeezing such superior performance into a chassis less than 0.9 inch takes tremendous expertise and the best thermal know-how. Own this ultimate gaming flagship to find out the top-tier craftsmanship.

Macro Keys: One Click Execution, Pure Dominance

Macro keys rarely available on gaming laptops are now an X7 standard. AORUS exclusive macro keys simplify your killer combos into one-click execution keys. The scissor-switch key structure guarantees lightning response ensuring pure dominance during gameplay.

Killer LAN: Zero Latency Is King

Killer LAN ensures 100% packet transmission even under busy network traffic while generic LAN chips manage an average of 14.9% packet loss rate. Waste no more time on buffering for online games, streaming video or live video chat. Explore a latency-free Internet experience with X7 Pro!

802.11ac: 45% - 70% faster than regular 802.11n

802.11ac, the next generation of wireless, promises intensified signals and more stable connections. Experience wireless gaming like never before! Enjoy stronger throughput, extended coverage, less speed decline, and above all, freedom to play anywhere with your X7 Pro.

AORUS Acoustic+: Superb Sound Positioning

Hearing enemy footsteps and approaching bullets is definitely a must to survive any FPS games. AORUS Acoustic+: purifies and upgrade sound quality without mixing channels for sound effects, rendering accurate positioning and crystal clear sound details for more engaging gaming. The complete set of full-range speakers, including 2 subwoofers, brings mobile gamers more gaming thrills.

Fully Customized Personal Cinema: Virtually Compelling

Full HD display plus AORUS Acoustic+ delivers the most authentic audiovisual experience of gaming. NVIDIA Vision Surround expands your vision for unparalleled viewing experience. The compelling thrill will definitely put you to the edge of your seat.

Full HD IPS Wide-view Display: Crisp, Smooth & Vivid

Full HD IPS Wide-view Display: Crisp, Smooth & Vivid Aside from vivid image and color accuracy, the wide viewing angle display makes it ideal not only for immersive gaming, but also for movies and web browsing. The premium panel with 72% NTSC color gamut provides more a vivid visual experience than most panels (average: 45%). High luminance 300 cd/m2 produces extraordinary clarity even in bright surroundings or outdoors.

*Product specifications and availability may vary by country and region. We recommend you to check with your local dealers for the latest product information.
Macro Engine: Program Your Signature Moves

AORUS exclusive programmable Macro Engine automates and simplifies routine operations. Crush your opponents and sweep the match within one click. The AORUS exclusive features include macro recording support across keyboard and mouse. A maximum of 25 individual macros sets makes gameplay on the move as enjoyable and intuitive as desktop systems like never before.

System Gauge Readies You for Any Challenge

The best policy to win any game is to make sure your system is 100% with you. System Gauge presents the user comprehensive system information, including CPU & GPU loads, temperature, fan speed, network conditions and power scheme. A simple glance is all it takes to keep track of how your system works.

LockWin Key: Double Safe Your Game

Disable Windows Key through our gamer exclusive UI to prevent a misclick during gaming. Be assured. Your victory is watched over by AORUS. Serious gaming deserves full concentration.

Fan Control: Customized Stability

Fan Control tailors your fan speed to different user scenarios, striking a perfect balance between performance and system stability. 4 customizable modes are ready for all-condition tweak over your ultimate gaming flagship anytime, anywhere.