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AORUS ATC800 CPU Cooler Delivers Superior Cooling To Multi-Core CPUs

Taipei, Taiwan, June 11th, 2019 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, launched its AORUS ATC800 CPU Cooler for superior cooling of multi-core processors. AORUS ATC800 offers a composite mounting bracket ensuring compatibility with a great majority of Intel and AMD processors while its elevated design offers adequate clearance for most memory kits. Featuring 6 Direct Touch Heatpipes, each 6mm in diameter, as well as dual ball bearing structure, dual fan, and a unique fan blade design, AORUS ATC800 delivers superior heat dissipation for overclocking the Intel® Core™ i9-9900K CPUs to all cores at 5GHz. AORUS ATC800 adds the signature AORUS lighting touch with its ultra cool digital lighting effects which can be synchronized with peripherals but also double as smart CPU temp/RPM indicators for users to monitor their system temperatures so they can build high-performance, low temperature systems.

AORUS ATC800 embodies the latest gamer aesthetic with its jet black exterior and silver stacked fins with increased surface area for greater heat dissipation. With the help of its composite mounting bracket, the cooler fully supports Intel® 2011-v3/2011/1366/115x and AMD AM4/ AM3/AM2(+)/FM2(+)/FM1 socket CPUs so users can avoid compatibility issues should they decide to upgrade their systems with new CPUs. The length between the CPU cooling tower and its base is 38mm which leaves ample clearance between the CPU cooler and memory heatsinks so that most memory kits can be installed properly, improving overall flexibility for various setups.

AORUS ATC800 implements 6 Direct-Touch Copper Heatpipes, each 6mm in diameter, with increased contact with the CPU for an increase of 20% in surface area to bolster heat dissipation. Specialized welding between the heatpipes and stacked fins not only strengthens the structure of the design but also draws heat away more quickly from the CPU to the heatsink, allowing the dual fans to lower temperatures significantly.

AORUS ATC800 sports a dual ball bearing structure which has superior heat endurance and efficiency along with durability compared to sleeve bearing structure fans. The unique fan blade design reduces unwanted noise and the fan produces 33% more airflow at similar noise levels compared to that of the previous generation so that users can enjoy the perfect balance with silent operation and highly effective heat dissipation. The unique fan blades not only provide excellent cooling of the CPUs but the horizontal direction airflow from the fan also cools the memory configuration and VRM so that users can easily mitigate the heat generated from overclocking their Intel® Core™ i9-9900Ks to all cores at 5GHz.

Aside from being able to operate silently and effectively, AORUS ATC800 embeds lighting effects which can be synchronized with user peripherals via the RGB Fusion 2 App. The lighting effects also serve as key indicators for CPU temperature and fan RPM. Users don’t need to access software or the BIOS to evaluate the temperatures with this more intuitive and reliable feature added to their systems.

“High-end processors generate a substantial amount of noise and heat during overclocking so many users often prefer liquid cooling solutions. However, liquid cooling can fall on the pricey side while chassis size and spacing can put constraints on installation, causing extra inconvenience,” stated Jackson Hsu, Director of the GIGABYTE Channel Solutions Product Development Division. “GIGABYTE has developed a solution for users with the newest AORUS ATC800 CPU Cooler which makes use of 6 Direct-Touch Heatpipes, each 6mm in diameter, dual ball bearing structure, CPU temperature/fan RPM indicators, and our unique fan blade design, for superior heat dissipation while limiting fan noise. The adequate clearance and composite mounting brackets offer more flexibility. The digital RGB lighting effects helps users keep track of their CPU temperatures and fan RPM. All of these features are designed for users to overclock their Intel® Core™ i9-9900K CPUs to all cores at 5GHz with excellent heat dissipation.”

AORUS ATC800 CPU Cooling Tower is now available. For more details and related information, please visit the AORUS official website:

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